Eagle Options

Eagle Series Cover

The Best I can build

Using T.I.M  Technologies And  Quad4 Design
I'll put together a set for you that's the best I can using 20+ years Experience.

Only $89.99

452X With BCY Halo end servings 62XS center serving

Ok, so it's pretty simple- Really.
Here's what you need to send me

1. The name, Make and model of your bow ( Year Helps)

2. The string lengths, if you have them
(so I can double check we're on the same page)

3. The Colors you would like. Up to 3 colors
       Check the color Chart
        (FYI- If your doing a pinstripe, go with lighter colors and a dark stripe)

4. Your name and address and a PayPal email address

5. What string material 452x is Standard

Send to

Email  scottsstrings@aol.com
TXT is 319-269-2970
Find me on FB as Scott's Strings

That's it.... really

BCYX -8190-Solid Colors Only
452X -8125G- I have most Colors
450+ I have Red, Neutral and Black
x99 I have a few colors
Most serving colors 
Available, I do my best

If you have a MUST DO color combo- Ask first