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Big Scott

Scott started in archery with a fiberglass bow his dad bought for him in the 70's . His son Scott II talked him into getting it back out in the late 80's and that is where this journey started.

By 1993 Scott and Scott II were traveling and shooting IBO Championships

In the 90's Scott was not happy with the "factory strings" so he started experimenting with building his own.

Scott built his own jigs and fixtures and uses processes that he has developed over the years

Now he has sold strings all over the world.

If you want the best go with Scott's
Co-Owner Scott's Strings

Scott's Boss

Connie Wymore

Connie came back into Big Scott's life in 2011

(they dated in HS)

and they got married in '12

Dean Piagentini
Dan Hoffman

Scott II and Mary

Pro-Staff Coordinators

Scott's Strings Staff

Thad Reincheld

Shooting Staff

David Jaggi
Davenport, Ia.
David Krulicki- Canada
Dan Yoder- Montana
Gavin Maines-Iowa
Terri and Nate Klein

Shooting Staff

Scott Strings Hunting Staff Coordinator

Jesse Hepler

Hunt Staff

Howie Schmitz

Howie Schmitz

Janesville Iowa

Hunting Staff

Scott's Strings Staff

Jay Wilson

Council Bluffs Iowa

Hunting Staff

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